Design as a vocation

Intelligence of the hand, technical sophistication and artistic sensitivity.


Imagining and designing ethical and sustainable furniture, elegant and adapted to new uses, in harmony with nature, designed for living. Together, let's take part in building a more beautiful and eco-responsible world.

Fauteuil Galathée nomade rouge de dos

Our story

Maërl is a project to create high-end French furniture with an elegant, functional design that invites you to reconnect with the essentials.
The project is rooted in the tradition of French design, combining mastery of concepts, freedom and technical skill, and aims to create objects that are as elegant as they are useful.
The name " Maërl " is rich in meaning; it's a seaweed endemic to the Breton coasts that symbolizes a local and sustainable beauty in harmony with the environment.
Innovation : combining design and eco-responsibility. Rethinking materials, assemblies and uses to create sustainable furniture that lives alongside you.
Research : designing objects for the people who use them, listening to customers and being aware of climate issues
Durability : objects that develop a patina and improve over time, without plastic, that can be disassembled, repaired and recycled, using noble, natural materials. French, all the way.

Natural materials and craftsmanship

We combine art, technique, innovation and traditional craftsmanship to create objects of the highest quality. We rely on local expertise and the performance of French industry and craftsmanship.
Maërl uses top-quality materials, including leathers from Normandy and Brittany bulls tanned in the Vosges, and wood from an independent sawmill located in the Brière marshes. The steel is processed in Mayenne, and the wooden parts are manufactured and assembled by us in our workshops in Loire Atlantique.
We work with trusted sawmills, tanners, saddlers, upholsterers and metalworkers to create unique objects using wood, leather and steel. We use no petrochemicals, synthetic glues, paints or varnishes. Although our yarns are still linen and nylon composites, we are constantly striving to improve our production. Our products are inspired by nature, highlighting natural aesthetic qualities such as the veining of wood, the wrinkling of leather and the fibering of steel.
Mains de l'ouvrier à l'usine Maërl

Moving forward together

 Maërl began when Stéphan Lanez and Martin Rolland met. Both shared a desire to offer modern furnishings and decoration adapted to new uses and spaces.

"Nous misons sur la complémentarité de nos approches. Stéphan est super créatif, il a un sens esthétique impressionnant. De mon côté je suis passionné par la technique et les procédés de fabrication. Pouvoir combiner les deux est notre force. C'est grâce à cette collaboration que nous pouvons créer des objets originaux, innovants, fonctionnels… et surtout qui participent, à notre échelle, à améliorer nos habitudes de consommation"

- Martin  co-founder of maërl

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